How much of video games like Strike Force are based on real life?

The games are usually based on fun and entertainment as they are supposed to make you feel happy and fresh while you’re feeling bored. Thus, the games can help you get rid of boredom by providing you an alternative. Therefore, most of the game developers put all their focus on developing a game that can keep you entertained and fresh all the time.

However, there are some developers that always go beyond the limits because they think of preparing something that is not only imaginary but also has some touch of reality in it. There are thousands of creative and high-quality games introduced till the date and only a few of them have become popular based on the features used in them.

The imaginary based games do not have the potential of becoming so much popular. However, the games that are based on reality have a great potential of becoming popular in a very short span of time. In today’s article, we are going to talk about different games that are based on reality. Combining the reality with imagination is a very difficult skill and only a few people can do so. Here are the top games that are based on reality.

Need For Speed Run

Need for speed game developers have developed several versions of the game and all the versions became very popular but the Need For Speed Run was the only version that became more popular than others as it was actually based on some real-life aspects.

The rules and regulations that are displayed in this game are completely according to the rules and regulations that are based on reality. Similarly, the tracks that were used in this game were also according to the reality. Most importantly the features of the cars were completely designed according to the real models of the cars. Therefore, the racers and car lovers showed a lot of interest in this game and it became one of the most popular games in the world.

Strike Force Heroes

Strike Force Heroes is another popular game that is designed according to the incidents that took place in the World War II. This game is designed to bring the awareness about how different countries fought to survive during the World War II. This game is designed to reduce the violence that is going on around us.

If you consider visiting the Strike Force Heroes Gaming Community: and, you’d realize that the developers of this game are constantly trying to reduce violence around the world.

GTA all versions

All the versions of GTA are based on the real-life aspects. Several aspects of Thug life are displayed in this game. Although there are some features used in this that are not based on reality, there are many important aspects of this game that are completely based on the reality. Therefore, it has become very famous.